Friday, August 3, 2012

Condolences and the Yankees

Last week, I got the sad news that an old colleague and friend lost his beautiful baby granddaughter to SIDS.  She was 8 weeks old.  This kind of loss is just unfathomable to me and my heart goes out to any family that has to live through this. 

I wanted to send a personal note and whipped up a card to send.  In looking at it now (and I apologize for the terrible picture), I'm thinking that perhaps the writing is a bit too whimsical for a condolence card and that I might do better just going the Hallmark route. 


On a more lighthearted note... my sweetie has been traveling all week and while I have missed him terribly, I was also tickled over the many texts I received from him earlier in the week.  You see, he is an ARDENT Red Sox fan... and, as a native New Yorker, I am a die-hard Yankee fan.  We definitely live in a house divided and get lots of comments when we are out and about together, he in his Red Sox cap and me wearing the Yanks.  Now, he truly is a huge baseball fan.  I, on the other hand, am a New York fan... which means that I am, by default, a Yankees fan. 

Well, this week, while in New York on business, he organized a group of guys for a field trip to a Yankees game.  For two straight days, I got texts and pictures about how excited he was to be there.  I was amazed that he was so excited about being at Yankee Stadium.  He even bought a Yankees cap and jersey, which is pretty much a sacrilege for  a Red Sox fan.  Of course, I'll never tell! 

Hightailing it over to Paint Party Friday where this week the talented Nicola from Pointy Pix is being featured.  I absolutely love her amazing animal art!


  1. Sorry to hear your news, always so very sad when a dear babe dies. Am sure your card will be well received. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. The card will be well received as best as it can under the circumstances!! My friends have lost two children they were disabled one was a sids. It was the saddest thing ever I wrote them a poem which ended up on their program for everyone to see... I had not intended it for that, but was grateful and proud it spoke to them! Do what your heart says!! You have a great marriage when you can be separate fans!! lol So fun!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Sorry to hear your friend's sad new - it really is one of those unexplainable things in this universe of ours. I'm sure the sentiment behind your card will be appreciated and the fact you went to the effort of making it yourself makes it all the more thoughtful.

    I don't know the first thing about baseball or American football but I can imagine how it would be here if I was to replace the team names you mention with rival football (soccer) clubs over here!!

    Thank you so much for the mention on your blog - am delighted to be this week's feature artist!

  4. It's a beautiful card and sorry for your sad news.

    And that is a well deserved certificate!

  5. A handmade card sends incredible love. I know your friends will feel that way when they receive it. Such sad news. Glad your Hubs had such fun in Yankee stadium. I'm sure its very cool to be there no matter where your team roots come from. Happy PPF

  6. sorry to hear what they are going through and I think the card will be a treasured personal note... not too whimsical at all... as to the luring of the other half to the dark side... well done!!!! Now don't let him forget it for a minute...xx

  7. what a sweetie to root for the enemy! as they say, love conquers all :D

    it is very hard to EVER know what to say or do in light of such an unfathomable loss. Even the most well intentioned, compassionate thing seems cheap and wrong to the person who has NOT suffered the loss - some of us are lucky (IE me) to not have suffered a great loss like this and for us it is hard to know WHAT to say and (especially) HOW to say it. Your card is wonderful, it does seem different from typical sympathy cards but since the loss is of a child, it seems apt. I believe they will treasure it.

  8. So sad for your friend's loss... I'm sure the handmade card will be appreciated--

  9. I was so saddened by the news of that baby dying I couldn't even leave a comment. I came back to do so. I guess because we have a new baby grand daugther and know how precious life got to me. Your card is lovely.

  10. That is awful news, I can't even imagine the heartache, or how you manage to survive it. I think the handmadeness made with love aspect of the card will be perfect.


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