Thursday, October 20, 2011


i have several friends who are urban sketchers and i am in awe of their talent.  the fact that these artists can plop themselves down on a street and, with the mere flick of micron pen and a splash of watercolor, render the most beautiful scenes in no time at all, is just astonishing to me.  i can look at a scene and recognize the beauty of the architecture, the glory of the natural setting, the vibrancy of the people, but ask me to capture that in anything that looks like more than a 1st grader's refrigerator sketch and i'm lost.  nevertheless, i so WANT to be able to do that... so, i'm going to work on it.  i post this here as what i hope will someday be my 'before' sketch. :-)


  1. I'm sure you'll get there by the look of this! BTW totally agree with you about book stores and art stores-I usually lose all track of time! Great finds you've got there. Chrisx

  2. Well I like this sketch very much!!! I am in awe of those artists too! Now tell me about Doc Martin watercolors? I must go look these up. The colors you're using are so vibrant!!!

  3. I wish I had the talent you do! Come by for a giveaway!


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