Friday, April 6, 2012

Absentee Doodling

I can't believe it has been a month since I last posted.  It has been a crazy and  introspective year for me in many ways and while I haven't had much time for "serious" art, I have continued doodling away as a means of distraction, stress release, inspiration, sleep avoidance, work avoidance, chocolate avoidance, etc... :-)

I think part of my issue is that I feel like I shouldn't be posting anything unless it's real art, but my sweetie has been encouraging me to post more often so that I can go back and see trends, progress and sources of inspiration over time.  He is completely right-- smart man!  I find so, so many things that interest me that I want to try and then I lose track of where they came from or how to find them again. 

This year I have been trying to take some online classes.  I keep telling myself that it will be easier to fit them in my schedule when you can take them at your own pace, but I have not been able to carve out the time to really jump in as much as I'd like.  I think I need to take a no travel vacation-- just a couple of weeks off to do nothing but revel in artiness! Doesn't that sound just like heaven??

Late last year, I took Lori Vleigen's LetterLab class and it was wonderful.  I just love Lori's sweet, distinctive style. 

I enjoyed that class so much that I was encouraged to take Joanne Sharpe's LetterLove class.  Also fantastic.  Another artist with a very distinctive style.  I so admire that as I believe I'm still trying to find my own.  This past week, I enrolled in Part II of Joanne's class, called Artful Alphabets. It starts on Monday and I can't wait!

Can you tell that I'm a bit obsessed with lettering?!?

Well, in attempt to broaden my repetoire a bit, I have stumbled upon another class that appears to be a dream!  Martha Lever-- yet another source of great inspiration-- recommended an art "playground" called 21 Secrets.  There are 21 distinct classes-- one taught by Martha, by the way!!-- all wrapped up into one program.  I've enrolled and have only had time to dip my toe in the water, but oooohhh... it looks to be very refreshing.  I'm so looking forward to spending lots of time pouring through the classes and videos this weekend!

With all these classes, I should have plenty to keep me even busier in the upcoming months!  Woo hoo!

In the meantime, I've been trying to keep creativity out in front... when I don't have time to engage in any of that serious art, at least I'm doodling about it.

I've been missing my sweet, creative friends over at Paint Party Friday so I'm linking up there, despite it being late in the day!  A whole collection of great artists there... check it out.  You won't be disappointed! 


  1. Beautiful lettering! Keep up the good work. Glad you are back with the PPF gang. Ive joined just recently and love all the inspiration. Happy PPF!

  2. Love your doodles! I think it's important to stay present online - it's a good habit to be in, it makes you feel productive, and it's nice to connect with others. Even during down times, you never know who is also feeling slow and unproductive and will feel encouraged that someone else is too, you know?

  3. Welcome back! You have been busy with your classes. I can understand you. I have enrolled in LifeBook with Willowing (a year long series of classes), but I'm way back behind. I'd need two weeks off of work, too!! :) Those lettering classes look interesting. Keep it up, because your works are cool!

  4. Your doodles are lovely! Online classes are a great way of doing something positive with your spare time but make sure you get that break! Have a Happy Easter, Chris. BTW if I find something I like on line I save it to favourites but re-title it so I will know what it is!

  5. What great inspirational doodles. Love them all but especially the bottom one.

  6. Molly I think you should jump in and post no matter what... it is great to look back and see how your brain works over time and a blog is such a great way to record it... but time is constantly a battle isn't it... I am getting better at carving it out, but I am hopeless at keeping up in classes... so glad you are back... I missed you Miss Molly...xx

  7. love your very creative doodling!

  8. A no-travel-vacation certainly sounds like artistic heaven!
    Love your lettering creations!
    I'm going to check out your links to the lettering classes you've taken, too. :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  9. Hi Molly. Love your work. I don't really think they are doodle but good pieces from your creative mind. Very nicely done. Welcome back and thx for stopping by my PPF. Hope your Easter was great, have a wonderful week.

  10. I also took Joanne's lettering class and have signed up for her next one - it's my first efforts at taking online courses. With the extensive use of videos, it's easier than I thought to learn arty things online. I follow you so I'll be sure to watch for your new playful letters!

  11. Hi there, just visiting as I saw you as one of my traffic sources on blogger and wanted to say THANK YOU for adding me as one of your inspirations. In regards to your blog post, I guess it's hard sometimes to be inspired and then other time be too inspired! Just keep at it, you have some beautiful work.


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