Tuesday, September 11, 2012

EDM#4: tea cup

This tea cup has a bit of the wonk to it..... Although it is one of my favorites.  I'm kind of partial to tallish tea cups, maybe a little on the narrow side with a lip that turns out ever so slightly.  I like a delicate handle that is easy to pick up and doesn't get too warm.  There is no specific design or design type that I look for in the paint... It just has to strike me..

Of course this is all about tea drinking mugs.  Coffee mugs are different altogether.   And, of course, for those that don't fit either the tea or the coffee drinking criteria, it's very possible they will find a perfectly happy spot on my desk filled the pens and brushes and markers, etc...


  1. Ooh yes, I like a tall teacup too. I have one with foxgloves on it that I'm rather partial to.
    You are being very good, doing all the drawings in order!!


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