Thursday, September 13, 2012

Liberate Your Art 2012

This summer, I participated in Kat Sloma's Liberate Your Art postcard swap.  What a great project!  Artists from around the world sent postcards of their original art to Kat, who then took on the daunting task of sorting through them all and distributing them so that everyone received six postcards from other artists.

Not only was it an amazing treat to open the mailbox and find these amazing creations-- each one so different from the next-- but a wonderful community grew from it on Facebook. As individuals received postcards, they posted pictures and comments so participants saw not only what they received but photos of much of the work received by others.  Finally, as if that wasn't enough, Kat created a MAGNIFICENT video of each and every postcard sent to her (from 193 artists!).

It was so fascinating to see the diversity of art represented-- from sketches to paintings to zentangles to photography to lettering arts and beyond.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate and I thank all those who submitted art and, most especially Kat, who took on the Herculean task of coordinating all of it (and sending her own postcard art out to every participant!).

I can't wait for Liberate Your Art 2013!

This was the piece that I turned into a postcard:

And these are the beautiful postcards I received:

from Michelle Ledesma
from T. Harrington Hazelbaker
from Yui at
from Peter Harklau
from Kat at

To see all of the wonderful postcards from this swap through the blog link and as part of Kat's wonderful video, visit Kat's blog


  1. So much fun!!! I enjoyed seeing what everyone received.

  2. I kept seeing people post yours on the facebook page... everyone loved it of course... and nice to see what you received... by the way I tried the blueberry tea you recommended... lovely and it is nicer than the RoT wild blueberry... it also stained the dog's fur a lovely bluey purpley shade when I spilled a bit on him yesterday... it was cool and when I explained to him it was your fault he forgave me... xx

  3. Pleased to meet you; the swap was such fun. Your postcards are lovely...both given and received. See you next year, I hope.

  4. Love what you sent and received, such a marvellous variety.


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