Sunday, October 21, 2012

What I love about where I live-List it Tuesday

This week's list for Artsyville's List It Tuesday is what I love about where I live.  It made me think not only about where I live now but about all the places I've lived.  Each place has things that I love... But I realied that what truly makes me love any place I've lived is not so much the characteristics of the place but the people with whom I've shared the place.


  1. this is a great list... wouldn't mind adding a few of those to mine... plus yours looks so pretty...xx

  2. Well said. I have this in my 'idea bank' to do. I really want to get my journals a bit more colorful looking. This is beautiful.

  3. Beautiful list Molly! I'm with ya on the importance of a short, mild winter! : )


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