Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Catalogs galore!

The snail mail box always seems to be extra full this time of year.  No matter how old I get, (or how many boxes I jump, as Tracey says), I never tire of kicking off the season with birthday wishes from friends and family far and near.  Then, just as even the belated birthday wishes begin to wane, the holiday cards start pouring in.  Whether people send long missives detailing all the highlights of the year or a simple holiday wish, it's always a thrill to hear that people are alive and kicking up their heels in anticipation of a merry season. 

But, I have to admit, I am one of those crazy people who love the plethora of catalogs that seem to multiply as the holidays approach.  Maybe it's because I would rather jello wrestle with rattlesnakes than head to a mall during the month of December (well, at any time, really, but during December is it's own brand of torture!).  I love flipping through the catalogs, getting ideas for just the right gadgety stocky stuffers that promise to arrive in plenty of time for Christmas, right up until Christmas eve.

I admit, I also manage to day dream about completely re-decorating all the rooms of my house over and over again to match the chic layouts found throughout the thousands of catalogs that all seem to carry roughly the same things.  Most of the time, I manage to refrain... although we do have cozy blankets and quilts (and multiple back-ups)  for every possible seat in the house!  No one will ever be cold here!

Some doodles from various catalogues that have arrived this year:

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  1. Love your doodles! I too enjoy all the catalogs I get this time of year and enjoy browsing through them.

  2. I am a catalogue junky!!!! I love them and when we lived in Florida I was in heaven.. we don't get anywhere near enough of them in Oz... and I constantly find things to draw and at this time of year the pile of images that get torn out and piled up see me through until March at least!!!


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