Wednesday, November 9, 2011


i was sitting in my office today, looking out over the back deck and was completely taken by the amazing colors of the foliage right behind my house.  it's like the world caught on fire.  these photos, taken quickly with my iphone, don't do the view justice!

if i saw these vivid colors in a painting, i'd think that the artist had overdone it a little!   just goes to show, nature is the most beautiful canvas!


  1. You live in a calender shoot.... that is beyond an amazing view from the deck... I am completely jealous and overtaken with view envy now.... nice one now poor Matt will have to work in the garden all weekend... I want a view too and he is just the man to make it happen!!!!Any grumbling on his part will be directed to you !

  2. It certainly is a work of art! Lucky you! Hope you manage to concentrate on what you had planned inside!!

  3. Can't imagine how you get any work done looking out at all that beauty! We took a fall Vermont vacation a month ago and just LOVED all the gorgeous color and sunshine. Though I don't envy you your east coast winters, I do love fall!

  4. Stunning, you are so lucky to witness this in the flesh. Thanks for sharing the experience with us all. xx


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