Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Brightened Day...

admittedly, i've had a bit of a hard time getting my cheer on this week.  although it has been great to get home after traveling last week, i brought home a bothersome cold with me and i've been stuffed up and sniffling and feeling as though my head were about to explode.  i've been busy, busy, busy trying to catch up on all the things that slid a bit last week while i was away and i'm getting ready for my sweetie to be traveling for work for next week.  nothing earth-shattering, certainly, but enough to make me want to just crawl back beneath those covers and pull them over my stuffed up head. 

well, yesterday evening, as i was snuggling under those covers with my trusty iPad in tow, i discovered an email and post from dear Tracey Fletcher King letting me know that i was among the lucky ones she chose for her 'getting to know you award.'  it should go without saying that each time i read tracey's blogs, she brings a smile to my face with her lovely art work and her too too funny stories about steve/phantom.  she always offers a wonderful little peek into her day-to-day life that is just delightful.  but yesterday, she brought a big grin to my face because her award was just exactly what i needed!  thank you, tracey!

in the spirit of this award, i need to provide 7 little known tidbits of information about me, which i doodled out during a series of conference calls today (sssshhh!). 

a very cool thing about this award is that i get to pick 15 people to pass it onto.  i would certainly like to pass it back to tracey, but that may not make sense given the nature of the award and the fact that she's already named her 7 things.  there are so many others who inspire and encourage me so it will be hard to pick just 15!  but here goes... (in no particular order!)

1.  Miraculous Mosquito
2. Andrea Joseph
3. Martha Lever
4. Eden at Draw Doodle and Decorate
5. Lori at Elvie Studio
6. Jean at PushingtheEnvelopes
7. Diana Evans
8. Sophia at Blue Chair Diary
9. Joni at Pop Art Minis
10. Heather at Rose Hill Designs
11. Linda at Serendipity
12. Melisa at Toad in a Boat
13. Carol at Share the Creative Journey
14. Kristin Dudish (Art & Stuff)
15. Chris at Pear Shaped Crafting


  1. Braves and RedSox rule! LOL! xox

  2. You are just so sweet! Thank you so much!!!

  3. You accepted this award with such flair... Love it! It is so much fun to learn more about you! I do the same thing with people watching - my husband (who is a huge Yankees fan, by the way) often has to remind me to stop.

    Thank you so much for including me in your list - I'll be playing along soon :)


  4. Thanks ~ I am honored ~ have a wonder filled weekend ~ namaste, CArol ^_^ ( Share the Creative Journey)

  5. THIS is WONDEFUL!!!!!!!!

    Thanks you so very much for this. I can't wait to play along! I will do so soon!

    This made my day!! I love NYC and we are Mets fans! lol - big cities are my fave too!

    thanks again so very much!!

  6. you are such a super sweetie for thinking of me......thank you, thank you!! i love the way you've made your list of "seven things"'s very colorful and happy, just like you!! xoxo

  7. Thank you so much! I hope I can do it justice! Love the way you made your list - another inspirational piece!

  8. Awww..thank you for the lovely award, Molly. Very touched and blessed. BIG hugs. :) Happy Friday!!!!! Woot!

  9. How Cool...thanks for including me in your "pass it forward" now I need to get to work on the 7 clever things! Love the way you creatively accepted your award and shared about yourself with the doodle!

  10. Thank you for including me in your lovely award, I am honoured. I will certainly pass it on soon and I love the way you listed out your 7 items and doodled around them.

  11. So glad you enjoyed getting the award and I loved that you doodled your list... you are creative through and through.... Phantom was very impressed and has been giving me grief about my boring list ever since I showed it to her... thinking I may package her up and send her over to you... want a 15 year old by any chance??? xx


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