Sunday, February 12, 2012

Portrait in pencil

This time I attempted a portrait in pencil.  I'm not sure I had any better luck but it definitely felt like a very different process.  For whatever reason, I think I feel freer with a pen than with a pencil... which makes no sense since the pencil obviously allows a lot more room for corrections and working and reworking a sketch.  Despite that, it feels confining to me.  Maybe I just need to get more used to it. 

The good news is that my hubby and daughter both recognized who I was trying to capture right away.  Despite that, it still looks very cock-eyed and amateurish to me. I need to keep reminding myself that all those who make it look so effortlessly brilliant probably spent some time early on learning how to get past the pin it to the refrigerator/kindergarten look.  :-)


  1. hey great portrait! You definitely have in your favour the fact that these drawings DO look like specific people, as opposed to generic everymen/women. It's good being able to capture facial idiosyncracies - sthg an artist never stop struggling with!!!

  2. The sketches was well done, each time you feel like you're about to give up {like I do sometimes} remember that practice makes perfect and that all great artist were amateur once {just like you stated on your post}

  3. She is captivating! I like contrast of the sharp angle of her chin to the softness of the waves of her hair.

  4. It looks like Jennifer Anniston to me. I'm in awe of your willingness to try and improve your faces and sharing your progress or difficulties along the way. My sad little attempts at faces, bodies, people, critters, whatever are still not for public consumption! Keep going - I love following your progress! Your most recent pencil sketch of the young man was fabulous by the way!


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