Tuesday, December 4, 2012

EDM #185: Draw a cat

I attempted here to do an abstract-ish version of my favorite little kitty. 

Despite my telling him that it was an abstract cat, he decided he needed to edge his way in to do some formal posing! 

You might think that he is just sitting there, normal as can be, and that I tried to convince him to pose, but the real proof of it can be found in the many other photos that show the truth...  practically 24 hours a day, he is finding new places and positions in which to nap.   He magically wakes up just as we're trying to go to bed at night or on the rare mornings when we have an opportunity to sleep in a bit later.  That's when he wants to party like it's catnip night at the Whiskers Dance Club.

And those are the least embarassing of them.  I'm just going to quit now before I really become the crazy cat lady. 

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  1. She's a cutie! I like the yellow orange colour under her nose!

  2. nice abstract cat, I love it!! put it on a frame will be very unique style.

  3. Great drawing and painting. I like the loose water shading. The real kitty is very handsome too. I love how he nudged his way in to the picture so that we can all admire him. :)

  4. Ahhh, there is certainly a bond between you and the cat!


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