Tuesday, December 18, 2012

List It Tuesday: Holiday Faves

I'm excited about actually posting a Tuesday list on a TUESDAY this week!  I have been loving Aimee's from Artsyville's List it Tuesday challenges and will miss them between now and the end of the year. 

This is a list of some of my favorite things during the holiday season. I kept it pretty high level but there are a million and one things tiny little things that I love about this time of year-- for some reason, it seems to be nostalgia season and seeing my nieces and nephews enjoying all the things that I found so magical as a kid is a special treat. 

I remember it wasn't the Christmas season until we went down to the firehouse on Main Street to see Santa Claus ride in on the fire truck.  That poor Santa always had a line all the way down Main Street of squiggling, wriggling, giggling little kids who couldn't wait to tell him what they wanted for Christmas.  And, in those days, we didn't go in jeans and tennis shoes.  We DRESSED to see Santa.  I still can't believe how many red velvet dresses and black patent leather shoes I had as a kid.  Thank goodness, we had that sweet hot chocolate to keep us warm while waiting in line and the oranges we got from Santa were always the sweetest ones we had all year.  Because they were magic, of course!


  1. Back in the day, we dressed for everything! I kinda miss those times. Put on your red velvet dress and black patent shoes this year and enjoy the holidays... and the memories...

  2. great journal page! The two colors are extra special for Christmas time. Love how you made the green around the edges. And it really pops on your black blog page. Thanks for making the text print large enough to read! My poor eyes, first thing in the morning... {:-Deb

  3. Oh, red velvet dresses! How lovely.

  4. What a lovely scene you painted in my mind of your waiting for Santa story.

    I'm enjoying your blog, Cheryl


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