Wednesday, December 5, 2012

EDM #285: Draw something that loves the sun

For some time now, I've been intrigued with the idea of creating on my iPad.  I love the mobility of it and I've seen some artists create amazing things electronically.  I have struggled with finding the right programs and the right tools.  For my birthday, I asked for and received an aPen A5 stylus that I thought would be good for drawing on the iPad.  Unfortunately, it turns out that it only works with a limited number of apps and is better suited to taking notes than to creating art.

For this one, I just used my finger with the ArtRage application, but I'm still looking for a good stylus or brush tool if anyone has any suggestions!

This is EDM #285: Something that loves the sun.


  1. Well done!! Love the Oriental feel to it ~ :)

  2. I've had no experience of digital painting but I like the variety of greens!

  3. I like that it looks like watercolor it's the first digital I've seen that isn't obvious. Maybe you're onto something using just your finger?

  4. fantastic! It is so well drawn, I love it!

    1. An interesting composition, excellent floor, I like the colors. Greetings.


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