Monday, December 10, 2012

List it Tuesdays: Small Comforts

This is for List it Tuesday at Aimee's Artsyville.   The topic this week was small comforts.  As usual, I'm eking in just under the wire for the 12/4 list. 

This was a really interesting exercise for me because it made me realize just how many small things throughout the day serve as beacons of comfort in an otherwise harried life.  And, at least one or two are really not small comforts but huge ones!


  1. You made it!!!! Oh yes, fresh sheets, I forget to include that. We had a snowstorm this past weekend and got really smacked. I took full advantage and washed my sheets and pillowcases and wrapped gifts. Turned out to be a good time : )
    Great list!

  2. Great list... small comforts are special I think... and I agree with almost everything on your list...xx

  3. looks and sounds just perfect!


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